A decade of using the planning framework of Holistic Management has brought together many years of experience in creative leadership and international collaboration.

Today, Capital Hill Consulting is a catalyst for new and exciting directions in tackling urgent, fundamental issues, such as Australian and global agricultural health.

Holistic Management uses decision-making and planning procedures to offer management tools that work with the webs of complexity found in natural or organisational systems, which results in more informed choices for balancing and addressing environmental, social and governance (ESG) challenges.

Holistic insights are applicable not only to modern regenerative agriculture, but to other CHC specialist areas such as research collaboration, government policy, businesses, startups and technology. Our foundation strategies for success are to:

  • Commit to the vision of what can be achieved, among members, management and board.
  • Focus on people, value their input, and offer plenty of opportunity for communication.
  • Provide transparent governance, with effective decision making and careful financial management.

On these pages find out more about our management capabilities in policy advice, education and mentoring, and why these aspects of experience come together in unique ways to create new dimensions in innovation and strategic planning.

Capital Hill Consulting is a highly experienced consulting firm that can establish sound management, information and government strategies for your business, industry or agricultural enterprise. If you have a contribution to make on a national level and would like to communicate your message to government or investors, Capital Hill Consulting has the experience and skills to support your business success and help you make a difference.