Extensive experience with multiple government sectors is the key to communicating effective policy advice.

Following two decades as an Australian public servant, with roles as ministerial adviser and six years as manager of the Cooperative Research Centres program, Tony Hill established Capital Hill Consulting Pty Ltd to provide services to teams applying for funding via government and research and industry programs.

In all cases the successful applications involved establishing new organisations, with associated detailed plans for research, industry implementation, and intellectual property commercialisation.

This extensive experience with multiple industry sectors, including manufacturing, information technology and communications, minerals and energy, environment and health, means that Tony’s policy advice is firmly grounded in successful communication with government, from local councils to state, national and international bodies.

Some advisor activites include:

  • Initiator and developer of the Landscape Hydration Index for Lismore City Council
  • Environment and Sustainability Advisory Committee for Queanbeyan and Palerang Regional Council
  • Environmental, social and governance (ESG) discussions with legislators at state and federal levels
  • Discussions with international government representatives on agriculture and environmental issues