Holistic Management decision frameworks provide the tools to work with webs of complexity in multiple areas.

In the case of the Australian Holistic Management Co-operative (AHMC), Tony Hill, MD of Capital Hill Consulting, networked in 2017 with the global Savory Institute to arrange for Australia to be one of the first international sites using their unique ‘Ecological Outcome Verification’ (EOV) protocol.

The Co-op is a Hub of the global Savory Institute, which works with farmers world-wide to regenerate farmlands. The Institute's Land to Market branding scheme is the world’s first verified sourcing solution for raw materials, such as meat, dairy, wool, hemp, wine, cashmere and leather, to meet the increasing market demand for regenerative produce.

The globally recognised protocol of EOV has the potential to become a criterion for establishing ESG credentials in international markets. The potential for creative regenerative agriculture initiatives is extraordinary, and in 2018 Tony became founding executive chair of AHMC, providing a completely novel service to gain market recognition for the ways farmers care for their land.

It was based upon his own experience with EOV, plus the concept of a business around accreditation and promotion of products from healthy farmland. His key initiative was to establish a stable cash-flow model to deliver ecological monitoring services for Australian agriculture. The Co-op has been very successful and now has a large annual turnover, with further substantial growth currently occurring.

Tony Hill's qualifications and activities in the area of EOV and Holistic Management include:

  • Savory Institute Accredited Professional - Holistic Management Educator
  • Savory Institute Accredited Master Verifier - Ecological Outcome Verification
  • Teacher of Holistic Management Diploma - TAFE NSW
  • Co-founder of the Australian Holistic Management Co-Operative
  • Mentor for Regenerative Agriculture Mentor Program 2022/23 - Southern Cross University
  • Ecological Outcome Verification monitor and verifier for the recently-released "Rachel's Farm" documentary

Capital Hill Consulting has helped implement Holistic Management practices in Australian farms of every kind, and is uniquely qualified to advise agricultural enterprises, small to large, of the environmental and financial benefits of Holistic Management, and the steps towards implementation.