The Internet is the most powerful information-sharing tool in history, but there’s more to technology than that.

Tony Hill’s lifelong interest in technology led to his appointment in 1999 as Executive Director of the Internet Society of Australia (the Australian chapter of the world-wide Internet Society), followed by ten years as President. The knowledge gained in those roles underpinned his start-up IPv6Now, for which he had to know international computing, communication, routing and protocol standards.

As well as providing training and implementation services, IPv6Now developed outreach and advice programs, such as the VIC6 IPv6 Testbed Network that built a facility for testing IPv6 in action locally or remotely, aimed at the Health, Finance and Automotive sectors. Another initiative was IPv6 for e-Business which mapped IPv6 adoption, developed business tools, raised awareness and assessed business readiness for opportunities offered by the new protocol.

However, technology is not simply the online or business world — the physical aspects are also essential, as Tony discovered with the NSW Rural Fire Service, which demands fast on-the-spot analysis in the use of equipment for effective firefighting outcomes, and adaptable technologies for communication between headquarters and the field. With the RFS, Tony mastered the full range of firefighting skills and technologies and became captain of the local brigade, which included leading multiple crews to deal with a range of fire emergencies. After a decade of involvement he was awarded a Lifetime Membership by his local brigade.

Tony’s understanding of technology extends over multiple dimensions of online, business and real-world implementation, which brings a unique and creative aspect to his management capabilities as consultant, policy advisor, educator and mentor.