Teams must know how to prioritise, plan, review, and present their innovations to go from research to commercial product.

For two decades through Capital Hill Consulting Pty Ltd (CHC) Tony Hill has guided applicants for Cooperative Research Centre grants. In each case he facilitated multi-stakeholder workshops to identify key research and commercialisation priorities, supported team working groups to draft applications and business plans, and provided detailed review and competitive assessments of draft proposals.

CHC-supported applications have now attracted more than $500 million in CRC grant funding, plus in-kind matching funds of more than a further $500 million. A key element of his approach is a capacity to build personal rapport and trust with stakeholders, respecting probity, confidentiality and intellectual property rights.

CHC's research commercialisation expertise includes:

  • links between researchers and research users
  • multidisciplinary, multi-organisation research
  • strategic research management

Tony seeks patterns, builds networks and uses a personal touch with individual communications. More recently his experience as a Holistic Management educator has provided an additional layer of expertise, particularly addressing ESG critieria. His domestic collaborations have always been supported by international networking, through events and projects with relevant industry sectors.

He also has extensive experience in community activities, successfully engaging with people of various cultural backgrounds and facilitating genuine participation of previously underrepresented groups, such as women, gender-diverse people or those from non-English-speaking backgrounds.