Bringing startups into business reality is hard, and keeping them open to change and innovation even harder.

Tony Hill has had more than two decades of experience at bringing new initiatives into commercial reality, and led the establishment of three startups that are still in operation. Each has multiple lines of business, delivers services to varied customers, and focuses upon taking innovative opportunities to market.

None has relied on external establishment capital: all have been grown successfully through unique expertise, experience of the startup environment, effective business plans and sound cashflow practices. This has also led to a good understanding of the competitive dimensions of the global online industry, and the associated risks for competitiveness through the destabilisation tactics of major technology companies.

Tony’s decades of experience at facilitating multi-stakeholder collaboration and implementation, supported by his Graduate Certificate in Public Sector Management, highlight a demonstrated capacity for business planning in complex environments.

Adapting to innovation is often a significant hurdle to business development, so change management is a continual theme of his professional career. In 2007 he set about ensuring that Australian businesses would be able to change course and adapt to the benefits of the new Internet protocol, IPv6, through the startup IPv6 Now Pty Ltd.

IPv6Now’s services became a unique focal point for Australian IPv6 development, as it networked with state and federal governments, businesses, educational networks, industry bodies, telecoms and ISPs, and represented Australia in the international IPv6 Forum. IPv6Now was the primary organiser of multiple industry-supported Australian conferences, addressed by high-profile international engineers, developers and innovators.

This process of change not only engaged with major Internet and telecoms companies, but also involved developing Australian initiatives with other countries, such as meetings in India and China with leading companies, engineers and researchers to facilitate international business engagement, innovation and commercialisation.

Strategic change management can make an impressive difference to the achievements of your organisation. It can help involve all stakeholders, identify potential risks, establish a clear vision and ensure that all your human resources are working towards common goals.